Celia Sandler
Animator / Game Artist
Take The Stage

     A rhythm-based, obstacle course parkour game. The band will do everything using their power of rock to dish out waves of pure psychedelic musical energy that pushes you away, and you have only until the end of their song to make it to the front of the room and TAKE THE STAGE. Each of the band's instruments throw different obstacles at you with increasing intensity and along with the option to currently start with five different song choices, the possible variety in difficulty and theme lead to some insanely fun gameplay.

Celia Sandler: Animating, Modeling, Rigging 
Davies Rushing: Modeling, Texturing
Alexis Washington: Modeling
Hanna Kime: Modeling, Texturing
Nikolai Ibanez: Animating, Modeling
Atran Raikany: Texturing, Graphic Design
Jeremy Washington: Programming, Particle effects Quintin Wright: Programming, Particle effects Robert Wahler: Programming, Audio